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Given the new restrictions implemented by the Estonian government we are taking extra precautions. Please read carefully and make sure YOU and ALL THE PEOPLE you bought tickets for fill out the Pre-Registration Form via the link below.

In order to be let into the venue you need to demonstrate that you have either:

1. Been fully vaccinated*
2. Have medical proof of recovering from Covid
3. Have a negative test administered by a health professional. Max 72h for PCR test and 48h for antigen test.

* If you have only had one dose of a vaccine that requires two you also need a negative test


We will have a medical team on site performing tests 8.30-11.30 for EVERYONE who so wishes, we will cover the cost. Even if you comply with one of the criteria above you can be tested in the morning to feel even more safe if you so wish. Please arrive early as we need to start the event on time! You can grab a coffee at one of the many places around the area.

At the event we have taken the following extra precautions:

  • Attendee numbers have been capped by 50% so that there is more space for everyone

  • Face masks will be available for those who want, it is not a requirement but our team will be wearing them when walking around

  • One of our sponsors Genano has kindly offered a commercial grade indoor air purifier for the duration of the event

  • If weather allows Day 1 lunch will be served outside

  • If weather allows Day 1 evening event will take place partially outside

  • If weather allows the entire Day 2 will take place outside

As a team we want to make this a safe and successful event. We have tried our best to offer as much distance and safety as possible so we cannot refund any tickets to those who cannot attend or choose not to at the last minute.

Let's have a great and safe event together!

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